Made with love for you and your pup!

Write an email to [email protected]. Include as much about the pup as possible! Name, personality, favorite toy, best outfit, Instagram handle, etc. Every pet is unique and I love personalizing each portrait.

Include a good picture of the pet! Typically the portraits are done in 3/4 view (the face and neck of the subject turned slighty to either the left or right.) Feel free to add as many photos as you'd like or include their instagram handle. Full body paintings will have an additional charge.

Choose from:● Mini 2.5"×3.5" or 3"×3"● Photo 4"×6"● Medium photo 5"×7"● Large photo 8"×10"● Poster 11"×14"

Expect a response in 3-5 business days (aunless commissions are closed. I will respond as soon as possible!)Once you receive a confirmation email, a 30% deposit is required to begin the portrait. This deposit is non-refundable.Each portrait includes a frame, gift wrapping, and a note from the artist.Thank you for choosing Pawchi Pups! Hope you have a grreat day!

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